Large Tree Transporting 2017-02-24T13:52:28+00:00

Trees are assets to any property. Why wait to enjoy the pleasure of large, mature trees? Candlelight Landscaping and Nursery, Inc., can make your house a home by transplanting large trees, using our wide selection of tree spades. Beautify your home or business at an affordable cost, and get the immediate effect of large trees.

Just a few years ago, transplanting a 25-foot tall, 10-inch trunk diameter tree seemed only a dream. Today, that dream can be a reality. A tree this size is worth thousands of dollars to your property. For a fraction of this cost, you can preserve trees already growing on your site, and move them to a new location that best “shows off”your home or office. As an alternative, we can plant trees for you from an excellent selection of trees in our nursery, to beautify your landscaping. Tree spades make large tree planting cost effective, even when purchasing large nursery grown trees.